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How to Apply

Tips for applying Bare Tan

1. Exfoliate any old tan/products which may be left on the skin

2. Moisturise the skin in preparation for applying Bare

3. Using a tanning mitt, apply your choice of Bare tan (foam, instant, lotion) evenly across the surface of your skin

4. Using a makeup brush, apply your choice of Bare tan (foam, instant, lotion) to your hands and feet

5. Allow ample time for tan to dry before putting on clothes. For foam and lotion tan - allow 4-8 hours for tan to fully develop.

6. Have a shower in order to achieve optimum results - the morning after applying BARE tan.

Tips for applying Face Tanning Mist

Applying the Face Tanning Mist we would ask you to ensure your skin is clean and dry. 

  1. Hold the bottle 15-20cm back from your face, close your eyes and spray over the entire face and neck. We recommend applying in a circular or and X motion for even coverage in 3-5 sprays. 
  2. Allow to dry before applying your makeup or sleeping and the face mist will develop over 8hours when you can then rinse your face. 

Top Tip - typically there is no requirement to blend this into the skin but we tend to apply our mist and then blend a little with a soft makeup brush to ensure even coverage )

Maintaining Bare Tan on the skin

Moisturising daily will ensure that your BARE tan will be long lasting with an even fade. 

Applying Bare to the face

We recommend gently using a mitt or using a makeup brush when applying to the face. Be sure to apply moisturiser to the face afterwards to combat any patches/blotches that may appear.