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Not sure what shade or type of tan is right for you? Answer these 6 simple questions, and we’ll design a personalised Bare By Vogue routine that’s just right for you.

Describe your skin tone

What type of glow are you looking for?

What is your skin type?

How experienced are you with tanning?

Do you prefer...

Do you want some shimmer with your glow?

Meet your routine!

Self Tan Foam - DarkSelf Tan Foam - Dark
Self Tan Foam - Dark Sale price£22.50
Self Tan Foam - MediumSelf Tan Foam - Medium
Self Tan Foam - Medium Sale price£22.50
Luxury Tanning MittLuxury Tanning Mitt
Luxury Tanning Mitt Sale price£9.00
Self Tan Foam - Ultra DarkSelf Tan Foam - Ultra Dark
Self Tan Foam - Ultra Dark Sale price£25.50
Face Tanning Mist - MediumFace Tanning Mist - Medium
Face Tanning Mist - Medium Sale price£17.00
Body BrushBody Brush
Body Brush Sale price£19.00
Self Tan Lotion - MediumSelf Tan Lotion - Medium
Self Tan Lotion - Medium Sale price£22.50
Face Tanning Mist - LightFace Tanning Mist - Light
Face Tanning Mist - Light Sale price£17.00
Face Tanning Mist - DarkFace Tanning Mist - Dark
Face Tanning Mist - Dark Sale price£17.00
Face Tanning Serum - MediumFace Tanning Serum - Medium
Face Tanning Serum - Medium Sale price£26.00
Self Tan Lotion - DarkSelf Tan Lotion - Dark
Self Tan Lotion - Dark Sale price£22.50
Instant Tan - MediumInstant Tan - Medium
Instant Tan - Medium Sale price£17.00
Liquid Body IlluminatorLiquid Body Illuminator
Liquid Body Illuminator Sale price£23.50
Instant Tan - DarkInstant Tan - Dark
Instant Tan - Dark Sale price£17.00
Face Tanning Serum - LightFace Tanning Serum - Light
Face Tanning Serum - Light Sale price£26.00
Self Tan Lotion - Ultra DarkSelf Tan Lotion - Ultra Dark
Self Tan Lotion - Ultra Dark Sale price£24.50
Face Tanning Serum - DarkFace Tanning Serum - Dark
Face Tanning Serum - Dark Sale price£26.00
Clear Tan Water - DarkClear Tan Water - Dark
Clear Tan Water - Dark Sale price£22.50
Clear Tan Water - MediumClear Tan Water - Medium
Clear Tan Water - Medium Sale price£22.50
Instant Tan - Ultra DarkInstant Tan - Ultra Dark
Instant Tan - Ultra Dark Sale price£17.00
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