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Self Tanning Questions & Tips

Preparing The Skin

For an ultra-even, streak-free fake tan, always ensure you’re working with a clean canvas. Remove any old tan build up with our Luxury Exfoliating Mitt and Self Tan Eraser. Always exfoliate and remove any unwanted body hair 24 hours before tanning to ensure pores are closed. Make sure your skin is free from any oil-based moisturiser, perfume, deodorant and essential oils just before your tan application.

Body Tanning Application 

Apply a small amount of non-oil based moisturiser to hands, elbows, knees and feet and any other dry patches – this will ensure the tan doesn’t over develop and appear darker on those areas.

For an even, streak free tan, we always recommend using our Luxury Tanning Mitt, which is lined and waterproof to prevent the palms of your hands getting stained. Apply your choice of Self Tan (whether it’s foam, lotion or instant) in an upwards, sweeping movement ensuring you overlap each area.

Claw your hands, separating your fingertips before applying the residual tan on your Mitt to hands, followed by feet. Allow to dry for

a few minutes (or until touch dry), before getting dressed and allow your tan to develop over 4—8 hours for optimum results, before showering off the guide colour to reveal a natural-looking, streak-free tan.

Face Tanning Application 

Apply 5-6 sprays over the face and neck for a subtle glow that develops in 4-8 hours.

Mist onto just-cleansed skin before moisturiser. You can also use a makeup brush to blend into hairline and jawline.

Maintaining Your Tan 

Our foam and lotion tans can last from 5 to 7 days. Maintain your tan for up to 3 days longer with daily moisturisation to keep skin hydrated and exfoliate twice a week for an even fade.

Removing Your Tan

Remove tan with our Luxury Exfoliating Mitt and Self Tan Eraser. Apply self-tan eraser liberally. Leave on your skin to be absorbed for 5 – 10 minutes. In a warm shower, using our Luxury Exfoliation Mitt gently massage over skin in small, circular motions.

What is the difference between our Foam and Lotion?

The only difference between the foam and lotion is the consistency as the foam is a mousse which can be pumped out of the bottle.

The lotion is more gel-like thicker consistency and should be squeezed out of the bottle.

Is there a guide colour?

Our self-tan foam and lotion both contain a tinted guide colour for ease of application (so you can’t miss any patches) and also benefit from an instant wearable colour while your self tan develops underneath.